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Rough Ridge DK, new for 2018

Introducing this beautiful, soft, undyed yarn that is 80% Merino Cross wool and 20% natural coloured Polwarth wool. It comes in skeins of 240m, weighing 100g+.  No two skeins are the same, each having a unique colour distribution. We recommend that it is knitted into simple shapes that allow the uniqueness of the yarn to shine.

The name “Rough Ridge” comes from the geographical location in Central Otago where the sheep who produce this wool are farmed. Each skein is $NZ28 + postage. Order the yarn on our order form (or by emailing Mary at maniwool@gmail.com) and we will send you an invoice for payment.

Rough Ridge 4ply (fingering)

Soft, gently heathered, woollen spun yarn that is 90% Merino-cross wool and 10% coloured Polwarth from fleeces selected for quality to make this new (2018) yarn. Available in this one natural, undyed colour. 360m = approx 100g. $NZ29 for a 100g skein. As website is being re-vamped email Mary at maniwool@gmail.com for this product

Maniototo 4 ply Sock

Hand dyed semi-solid sock yarn. 85% merino-cross wool, 15% nylon. 400m+ = approx 100g. Not superwash treated. Available in five colours:  Sage, Riverstone – a silvery grey, Rowan – not red and not orange, but something in between,  Night Sky, a deep navy blue and Gecko – a rich foresty green. All $NZ29 for a 100g skein. As website is due to be re-vamped, order by emailing Mary at maniwool@gmail.com

The Maniototo Range

All of our hand dyed New Zealand wool in this colour range is in 100g skeins, and is available in both Aran style and DK weights. The Aran style yarn is approx. 175m per 100g. The DK is approx. 240m per 100g.  The colours are mostly inspired by the countryside where the sheep are farmed. This selection is woollen spun, so is light and full of air for the warmest garments. Please see below, the list of colours available.  Make a note of the colours you would like to order before clicking  “Order Now”. When we receive your order, we  email an invoice to you with details for payment. All wool in this range is $NZ22 per 100g + postage.     Barn Red Maniototo Wool New Zealand Merino Duckpond Blue Maniototo Wool New Zealand Hand Dyed Tussock Maniototo Wool New Zealand Merino Muehlenbeckia Maniototo Wool New Zealand Mountain Haze Violet Maniototo Wool New Zealand Greywacke Maniototo Wool New Zealand Dark Greywacke Maniototo Wool New Zealand Ram Paddock Green Maniototo Wool NZ Big Sky Blue Maniototo Wool New Zealand Wintery Blue Maniototo Wool NZ Natural (undyed) White Maniototo Wool New Zealand


The Geraldine Range of Colours

This is a range of colours that inspired us when we moved to live in Geraldine. The base yarns are the same as The Maniototo range. The yarns are woollen spun, in both Aran style (175m= approx 100g),  and DK weights (240m = approx. 100g) Colours available are: Talbot Forest Green, Morello Cherry, Shades of Denim, Riverstone, Matai.

Please order on our order form, and we will send you an invoice for payment.

 Luxury lambswool Range

Our Luxury lambswool is the most delicious wool I have ever knitted with. This is worsted spun (Italian style) and is a smooth, sleek-looking yarn which will wear very well.  The yarn is available in a DK weight only. Skeins are 100g (approx. 240m). They are hand dyed in the following colours………. Natural undyed white is also available in 100g skeins. It is beautiful for baby knitting. Email us at maniwool@gmail.com if you want undyed white.

Please order on our order form, and we will send you an invoice for payment.

Limited Editions

These are dye-lots of colours which are unique one-off batches. New colours will be colours posted here from time to time…….

Limited Edition 1  macrocarpaLuxury lambswool in Colour “Mountain haze Violet”  $29 per 100g (approx. 240m) This colour teams perfectly with Sage and Wineberry.  A new batch is available



Limited Edition 2 Luxury Lambswool in colour “Dog Rose”, a soft dusky, swirly pink. Five 100g skeins available. $29 per 100g (approx. 240m) This colour teams well with Riverstone




Limited edition 3.  Woollen spun Aran style “Mud Puddles” a wonderfully rustic looking colour on this so soft yarn.  approx 175m per 100g.  $24 per 100g skein.  Here it is knitted up in a pullover for a 7yr old boy 








Please order on our order form, and we will send you an invoice for payment.   Occasionally you will see other colours on our Facebook page, Maniototo Wool Yarns. Please email Mary at maniwool@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these one-off colours

Pattern!!!!!!! – The Pirinoa Poncho designed by Wei Siew Leong

Poncho Patterns (800x571)Read about this here Printed leaflet $8 per copy. No postage charge if included with wool. Otherwise $2 post. Specify either Aran version, or DK version of the printed pattern To purchase: Email maniwool@gmail.com

April 30, 2014 - 8:25 am

The latticework cowl | Kiwiyarns Knits - […] pattern is free with purchase of yarn from Maniototo Wool.  Mary will give you a code that you can use on Ravelry to download the pattern for free or the […]