About our Wool

Our wool comes from the Maniototo area of Central Otago – the hottest, coldest and driest region in New Zealand, and also the farthest inland.

New Zealand Sheep - Maniototo Wool

The fleeces chosen for Maniototo wool are selected from sheep bred from Merino rams and Romney ewes and are farmed by the Duncan family.  The sheep are shorn in August each year.  The wool is soft yet strong  – 22-24 micron with a high comfort factor (not prickly when worn next to the skin). 

New Zealand Sheep Shearing

After selection, the fleeces are taken to be scoured at Canterbury Wool scourer in Timaru.  The next process is carding and spinning to our own specific requirements, which occurs in Christchurch.  The yarn is woollen spun then plyed into yarns that are light, warm and fast to knit, with good  structure and strength.

Wool Scouring New Zealand

Colour-fast dyes for protein fibres are used to hand dye the wool. Our first colour range, The Maniototo Range is inspired by features of the Maniototo area where the sheep are farmed.

Maniototo Wool New Zealand ColoursColours Available in the Maniototo Range:

  • Barn Red
  • Duckpond Blue
  • Tussock
  • Muehlenbeckia
  • Mountain Haze Violet
  • Greywacke
  • Ram Paddock Green
  • Big Sky Blue
  • Wintery Blue
  • Dark Greywacke (charcoal)
  • In 2015, after we moved to live in the South Canterbury town of Geraldine, we introduced The Geraldine Range of colours. The  5 colours in this range are: Talbot Forest Green, Morello Cherry, Shades of Denim,  Matai and Riverstone
  • Geraldine Collection.2

Each colour batch is about 1kg. After dyeing, the wool is wound into skeins of 100g.  

Yarn Specifications of the Woollen spun Yarns:
Worsted / Aran weight.

9 wraps per inch,  100g =approx.  180m  (200 yards)  Woollen spun with 4 plys

DK (8 ply)

11 wraps per inch,  100g = approx. 230m (255 yards) Woollen spun with 3 plys

If your garment requires several skeins we recommend knitting a couple of rows from alternate balls as you go. Although strong and hard wearing, this yarn  must not be washed in a washing machine, unless you want to turn it into felt.