Lambswool for Indie Dyers

lambswool 4plyWe have a quantity of 4ply (fingering) weight yarn available for indie dyers to purchase in bulk for the first time. The wool is our merino-cross lambswool and  is 22micron with a very soft feel. The fleeces were selected by a highly trained woolclasser at shearing time last September. The wool was then scoured, carded and spun, and is available on cones.  Some natural lanolin remained for ease of processing, and has not been washed out of the wool. The yarn is semi worsted spun so is sleek and smooth, with approximately 360m per 100g. The amount of yarn on the cones varies from about 1.6kg to just over 2kg net, and we would like to sell it by the cone. The price per kg is $140 + postage.  For postage within New Zealand, a cone of wool can fit into a $9 postage bag. Email Mary at to order, or for any more information.

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Luxury Lambswool

Young ram (4)

It is February and we are well into 2016, so time for an overdue update. It is now 5 months since shearing, and most of this season’s wool is processed. We are SO EXCITED to have a new product – Luxury Lambswool – a semi-worsted DK yarn made from very carefully selected fleeces from prize ram lambs. Here’s a pic of Sebastian, the 11 month old ram lamb who posed for the camera prior to being shorn.

Luxury Lambswool will be available to purchase from this website in a couple of weeks, when we get the photos loaded. It will be available in some of our most popular existing hand dyed colours. There will be some new colours for 2016, as well.

An announcement will be made on the Maniototo Wool Yarns Facebook page, and also in Instagram under @mfurnessweir or #maniototowool

Experimenting With Colour

There is nothing like the thought of a looming retreat weekend for knitters  for us to get creative and start experimenting with colour. We will be in the little fishing village of Ahuriri near Napier from 27th to 30th August for “Knit August Nights”. It will be a long drive from Geraldine in South Canterbury, but we will travel in the Maniototo Wool van with all our lovely South Island wool.

I discovered sprinkle dyed yarns on Instagram and have done a few skeins.

Sprinkle dyed woolThey look weird but people say they knit up surprisingly well with no pooling. I couldn’t wait to make this lacy headband to try it out. It is very pretty and I like the spread of the colours.

Lacy headband




























The design is free on Ravelry. My user name is “Uovos”. Look for it under my projects

I’ve also had a go at gradients, but haven’t really mastered the technique yet – lots more practice needed. Here is a pullover for 4 yr old Lachie using a blue to grey gradient for the yoke. The design is “Conscious” on Ravelry.

Gradient pullover




























Gradients and sprinkle dyed yarns are enormously time consuming to make, but they are very individual and special. I hope the knitters at KAN are keen to try some of ours.


Wool Hat With Bobbles

Gradient Hat


Merino wool hatI’ve made this fun hat three times in our Aran style Maniototo Wool. The first was this one modelled by Finley. The main colour used was “Ram Paddock Green”. The contrast was a one-off random dyed sample colour.

Maniototo Wool Hat

This adult beanie with ridges is a useful and practical winter hat. You can pull it down over your ears on the coldest day. The hat is seamless.  You can use a 40cm circular needle, then switch to double pointed needles for the decreases. I used 2 sets of circular needles, which I find less awkward than using a single 40cm circular needle – and you don’t have to swap to double pointed needles for the decreases. There are good instructions on Youtube for this

The second hat was in one colour with a flower added. The third hat was made with a gradient dyed wool, and the fun bobbles added again.  If changing colours, I tie off each colour and thread in the ends after making the hat.

Size: To fit average adult head

Materials: About 90g Maniototo Aran style wool. If using a contrast colour, about 40g of the contrasting colour.  2 circular needles size 4.5mm.  Marker to mark beginning of the round. Knitters sewing up needle, scissors.

Instructions:  Cast on (81)sts. Join into a round by slipping the last stitch on to the left hand needle and knitting the first 2 sts together. You now have (80) sts. Be careful not to twist the stitches as you join in the round. Place marker at beginning of round (very important). With main colour, knit 11 rounds. If you have plenty of wool, you can knit two or three more rounds here.

*Purl 4 rounds knit 6 rounds* Work this series of rounds 6 times in total.  If changing colours, the first 5 knit rounds are in the contrast colour and the 6th in the main colour. After the 6 repeats, begin decreasing for the top of the hat.

See note at end about placement of bobbles.

First decrease round: (P2tog, P8) to end of round. P3 more rounds

2nd decrease round: (k2tog, K7) to end of round. K3 more rounds

3rd decrease round:  (K2tog, K6) to end of round. K1 round

4th decrease round: (P2tog, P5) to end of round. P 2 rounds

5th decrease round: (P2tog, P4) to end of round. K 2 rounds

6th decrease round: (K2tog, K3) to end of round. K 1 round

7th decrease round: (P2tog, P2) to end of round. P 2 rounds

8th decrease round: (P2tog, P1) to end of round

Next round: K2tog. Continue to K2tog until 8 sts remain. Thread end through stitches left on needle, and sew in firmly.

Thread in ends of wool, and enjoy wearing this cosy hat.


These are knitted into every 10th stitch on the third round of the knit section of the hat. They can be placed on every knit section or every second knit section.

K into the front and back of the next stitch twice (4 new sts). *Turn and purl the 4 sts*. Turn and knit the 4 sts. Repeat * to*. Turn. Pass the 2nd 3rd and 4th stitch over the first. Holding wool firmly, slip this stitch on to the right needle and continue.

The Flower

Cast on 50 sts. Purl one row. Next row: k1, (cast off 8, k1) to end of row. Thread end through remaining sts and sew to hat.

M Hat red

I look forward to any comments you have to make.


The Geraldine Collection

The six new colours of the Geraldine Collection by Maniototo Wool are now launched in time for cosy winter knitting. These can be purchased at Country Rumours, Talbot St Geraldine for NZ$20 per 100g. They are available in the Aran style (10ply) and also in DK (8 ply). They can also be purchased directly from us for the same price by simply sending us an email (

Geraldine Collection.2

The colours are “Talbot Forest” (green), “Riverstone” (silvery grey), “Matai” (orange/brown), “Shades of Denim” (blue), “Lemon Curd”, and “Morello Cherry”. The most wonderful lemon curd is made by Barkers of Geraldine, and Morello is a tart cherry grown in the area, for the most scrumptious cherry pies.